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Former Tenor student joins recruitment staff at MATC

Camila is continuing her studies at MATC, and has been hired as a member of the college's Recruitment staff. Last spring, as Camila began the transition from being a Tenor student to an independent MATC college student, she had some questions. Carol Pook, Tenor High School's Guidance Counselor, suggested she stop by the Recruitment office for assistance. As Camila asked about topics like financial aid, finding her advisor and choosing classes, the recruitment staff was impressed with her thoughtful approach to her education, her organization and self-motivation.
Camila is continuing along the path to petition into the MATC Dental Hygiene degree program. This semester, she is taking general studies classes, including Anatomy & Physiology. Camila reported, this rigorous course not actually that bad, because of the preparation she did as a Tenor student!