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Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way at Journal Square Campus

Tenor High School is a Certified Project Lead the Way School
In fall 2010, Tenor High School implemented Project Lead the Way (PLTW) thanks to a grant received from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.  PLTW is a nationally recognized program that prepares students to be innovative and productive leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  Through an engaging, hands-on curriculum, PLTW encourages the   development of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creative innovative reasoning, and a love of learning.  
Tenor currently offers the following PLTW courses:
  • Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)—students use 3D computer modeling software to learn the design process and solve design problems for which they develop, analyze and create product models.
  • Principles of Engineering (POE)—students are introduced to the wide variety of engineering disciplines using problem-solving, visualization and communication skills, with an emphasis on engineering systems, materials, static, and kinematics.  
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)—students learn about various aspects of civil engineering and architecture and apply their knowledge to the design and development of residential and commercial properties and structures.  Students use 3D design software to design and document solutions for major course projects which are then presented to members of  a professional community of engineers and architects.